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Filinvest Havila Taytay Antipolo Angono - Price and Payment Terms

Price Ranges

Havila Project Price
The Peak P17,000 / sqm
TCP: P5.59M+
Forest Farms P5,000 / sqm
TCP: P4.40M+
Highlands Pointe - The Terraces (Lots Only) P9,500 / sqm
TCP: P1.5M+
Highlands Pointe - The Villas2 (Lots Only) P11,000 / sqm
TCP: P1.6 to 2.7M+
Highlands Pointe - The Villas2 (House and Lot) TCP: P8-10M
Mission Hills (Lot Only) P8,800 / sqm
TCP: P1.5 to 1.9M+
Mission Hills (House and Lot) TCP: P5.5 to 11.0M+
Villa Montserrat (Lots Only) P9,000 to P10,000 / sqm
TCP: P1.1 to 3.0M+
Villa Montserrat (House and Lot) TCP: P2.8 to 5.8M+
(New) Amarilyo Crest (Lots Only) P12,400 / sqm
(New) Forest Grove (Lots Only) P10,000 / sqm

Payment Terms
1. Spot Cash Full Payment
8% discount on TLP (Upon Reservation)
5% discount on TLP (Within 30 days)
2. Deferred Cash 24 months to pay at 0% interest 
3. In-House Financing
20% DP SPOT DP upon reservation ( with 3% discount) 
SPOT DP upon reservation ( with 2% discount) 
12 monthly installment
80% Balance No. of Years Interest per Annum
5 13.5%
7 17.0%
10 19.0%
4. Bank Financing 20 / 80 Financing or 10 / 90 for House & Lot
5. Pag-ibig Financing

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