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Filinvest Havila Taytay Antipolo Angono - Turnover

Turnover Schedule

House Construction

Commencement of Construction: At least 20% of TCP has been paid
Construction Period: 6 to 12 Months after award of unit to contractor

House Turnover

Depends on Financing Scheme
  • Spot Cash : Upon Full Payment
  • Deferred Cash : Upon 20% payment
  • In-House Financing : Upon 20% payment
  • Bank Financing : Upon loan take-out
House Warranty

Warranty period is 1 YEAR after buyer’s acceptance

Covers the following (REEP):
  • Roof deck waterproofing
  • Electrical system
  • Exterior and Interior Finishes
  • Plumbing
Warranty becomes void in case of alteration, improvements, or modification of original layout

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