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Maricielo Villas DMCI Las Pinas - Unit and Building Features

DMCI Homes has always been noted for quality workmanship in all its development projects. With this track record and owing to its mother company's (DMCI) 50-year heritage of building some of the country's most recognized landmarks, unit owners of Maricielo Villas DMCI Las Pinas can expect efficient floor plans, high-quality structures, unparalleled construction quality, and on-time turnover with first-rate construction techniques in the development with strict adherence to global standards.

DMCI Single Loaded Hallway   DMCI Central Landscaped Atrium
            Single Loaded Corridors                       Central Landscaped Atrium

Built to contain only a limited number of housing units to accommodate residents, all DMCI Homes communities, which include Maricielo Villas DMCI Las Pinas, are exclusive. With its single loaded hallway feature, there is an inside corridor that opens up to a landscaped atrium or garden space instead of a neighboring door. This design allows in the unobstructed entry of natural lighting, constant ventilation and optimum privacy. This feature also eliminates the claustrophobic feel of “doors opening to doors” common in other condominiums, providing a more relaxed setting.

Building Features

Marie Cielo Residences DMCI Las Pinas Bldg features atrium balcony corridor

DMCI Building Features
Typical Building Features in DMCI's Medium-Rise Development

Maricielo Villas DMCI Las Pinas's architecture takes inspiration from our rich Hispanic heritage, but embraces every detail of modern comfort. Its windows, arches, walls and gardens are designed to catch the breeze, moving it soothingly around the home.
  • Medium - Rise (4-5 storeys high)
  • Architectural Theme and Efficient Space planning
  • Single Loaded Corridors
  • Central landscaped garden atriums with water feature
  • Breezeways
  • Balconies in all units
  • Scenic Elevators
  • Exclusive Gated Community
  • CCTV in common areas
  • Wi-Fi ready indoor amenity area
  • Provision for individually metered utility and cable connections for each unit
  • Stand-by power generator
  • Fire alarm system and fire hose cabinets at the corridors
  • Fire exits at both wings
Maricielo Villas DMCI Las Pinas boasts of breezeways that allow the natural flow of air and light to permeate the building. This feature encourages air circulation and natural lighting allowing you to save on energy consumption. Single-loaded corridors provide for maximum privacy and open up to a balcony, overlooking the landscaped atrium instead of another unit’s door. With this feature, you will no longer have that usual cooped up feeling. The garden atrium is a welcome addition of lush verdant vegetation and refreshing water feature right in the centre of the building giving residents cool fresh air.

Maricielo Villas DMCI Las Pinas Atrium
Maricielo Villas DMCI Las Pinas Garden Atrium
Development Features

  • Guarded Entrance Gate
  • Perimeter Wall
  • Electrified Fence
  • Roving Security Personnel
  • Scenic Elevator for every Building
  • Overhead Water Tank
  • Underground Cistern
  • Provision for Cable TV, Telephone Line
  • Centralized Garbage Disposal Area
  • Sewage Treatment Facility
Building Names
  • Segovia
  • Pontevedra
  • Madrid
  • Sebastian
  • Almeria

Building Floor Plans

Unit Features                                     

Maricielo Villas DMCI Las Pinas will have various unit type options for home buyers to choose from to fit one’s requirements and to cater to the growing needs of a family. Units are efficiently space-planned with the residents' comfort in mind.
  • Provision for window-type air-conditioning at Master's Bedroom and Bedroom 2
  • Provision for Cable TV connection
  • Provision for telephone line connection
  • Provision for smoke detectors

Unit Mix

Unit Inventory
 Total Number 
Approx. Gross
         Mix       of Units    Area (sqm.)
2BR (37.0 sqm)  174 48.50 – 61.00
2BR (42.0 sqm)  168 55.50 – 67.00
2BR (45.5 sqm)  038 62.50 – 73.50
2BR (49.5 sqm)  078 70.00 – 80.00
2BR (51.0 sqm)  028 61.00 – 64.50
3BR (65.0 sqm)  030 83.00 – 85.50
Total Residential  516
Total Parking Slots  324 slots 12.50

Unit Layouts

Tandem Unit Options

Unit Type Description Unit Area Gross Area
Tandem Unit 1  37.0 sqm + 37.0 sqm 74.0 sqm 84.0 sqm
Tandem Unit 2
 42.0 sqm + 42.0 sqm 84.0 sqm 94.0 sqm
Tandem Unit 3
 49.5 sqm + 49.5 sqm 99.0 sqm 109.0 sqm

Layout of Segovia Building (Maricielo Villas DMCI Las Pinas) has been revised to conform to DPWH provision for road widening along Quirino Avenue.

Residential Units affected by the revision.

Unit Building Unit Area (sqm) Balcony Area Total Area        List Price (PHP)
From To From To  02/26/11   04/18/11
101 Segovia    45.5 20.0 3.5 73.5 57.0 3.265Mn   2.562Mn
Segovia    37.0 16.0 5.0 61.0 50.5 2.306Mn   2.061Mn
201 Segovia    45.5 11.0 9.5 64.5 63.0 2.758Mn   2.723Mn
301 Segovia    45.5 11.0 9.5 64.5 63.0 2.780Mn   2.745Mn
401 Segovia    45.5 11.0 9.5 65.5 64.0 2.795Mn   2.760Mn

Maricielo Villas DMCI    Soon to Rise in Las Pinas !!!

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