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SMDC condo rides the ‘green’ theme on Edsa

Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 21:17:00 10/29/2010
By Tessa Salazar

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FOR NOW, let’s forget the word “overdevelopment” and see how the fastest-selling and literally most traffic-stopping retailer-turned-developer has been rearranging the metropolis with its residential enclaves.

Could anyone else have imagined that a two-hectare, three-tower, 42-story residential and commercial development could have stood beside an impossibly congested Edsa-Boni MRT Station, and still appoint “green” features for it? Only the Sys could have imagined it, and made it real, and call it Light Residences.

When Henry Sy Jr. unveiled the showroom of the Light Residences that October 20 night on Edsa in Mandaluyong, everyone was mesmerized at the speed and vision of SM Development Corp. for the project; too mesmerized, even, for them to even ponder on the towers’ “green” design.

Harnessing sun, wind, water

Albert Yu, president of Asya Designs and the Light Residences architect, told Inquirer Property that SMDC projects have been about green architecture.

“This is the reason our development project is near the MRT, to lessen the burning of fuel. Every unit buyer is encouraged to save energy to lessen their carbon footprint. The supermarket and the cinemas are all just an elevator away.”

Yu, who claimed to be among the founders of the Green Architecture movement and a US Green Council member, said the building harnesses everything the planet gives for free.

“We harvest the rain to flush the toilet, water the plants, wash the floor. We make use of the air and the sun for natural ventilation and light.”

He added: “We owe everything to our next generation. We have to help Mother Earth, otherwise nothing will be left for our children.”

Yu, who stressed that an advocacy for the environment should also include lifestyle changes as well as structural considerations, revealed he maintained plantations of arugula, lettuce and romaine to lessen his dependence on animal protein.

Smog, noise on Edsa

Reporters present at the unveiling asked about the smog and the noise that SMDC residents would most certainly be exposed to, considering the area’s proximity to Edsa. Glenna Galupo, SMDC assistant vice president, responded that the pollution would be “dissipated” at the seventh floor, the level where residential units start.

Galupo said SMDC has already been coordinating with the local government when asked about the traffic congestion that the SMDC development would bring.

Light Residences’
units range from the regular 20-square-meter studio, 23-sq-m or 27-sq-m one-bedroom (with balcony), to the 43-sq-m two-bedroom or the combined space of two one-bedroom units (for a total of 50.84 sq m).

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