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SMDC Air Residences Makati - Price and Payment Terms


Primarily because SMDC is known as a fast-growing residential property developer focusing on the premium middle market, affordability is key. Air Residences' units will be competitively priced to cater to the needs of goal-oriented homebuyers and will offer an attractive pricing scheme. A tie-up with Banco de Oro for financing makes it even easier to own a unit.

Payment Terms

Minimum Downpayment

Air Residences Makati requires a 30% minimum downpayment payable over construction period. Reservation fee is Php 25,000..


Depending on the payment term, various discounts are applied. .

Balance may be settled through bank financing.
Other Charges (6.5%)
  • Registration Fee 1.28%
  • Documentary Stamp Tax -BIR 1.50%
  • Transfer Tax Fee – City Treasurer 0.75%
  • Legal Fees – Notary 0.15%
  • Water/Meralco Installation 1.55%
  • Miscellaneous Fee 0.27%
  • Real Property Tax (1-year) 1.00%
  • Total 6.50%


Air Residences Soon to Rise in Makati City !!!

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