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SMDC JAZZ RESIDENCES Makati - Unit and Building Features

Building Features

4 Towers: 40 Floors each
Total land area: 2 Hectares

Number of Elevators
Four (4) each for Towers A and C; Six (6) for Tower D
Waiting Time: 60 seconds

 floor to floor and floor to ceiling heights of residential units
Floor to floor: 3.1 meters
Floor to ceiling: 2.8 meters; areas with beam and T&B - 2.4 meters

Safety Measure for Flooding
The area is generally not prone to flood, but the property was elevated
by 1 meter from the street level

Ventilation on the typical residential floors
Common Area / Hallway: Natural Ventilation
Residential Units:  Mechanical Ventilation (AC units - 1.5 HP per unit)

Back-up power
For Common Area: 100%  back-up power
For Residential Units: 1 convenience outlet + 1 ref outlet + 1 light

Utility Providers
Power: MECO
Water: MWSS
Telephone: Globe and PLDT
 Unit Features
Depending on the unit location, some units in SMDC Jazz Residences Makati require to have a window type air conditioner  while others, can have the split type air conditioning unit.

With Provisions for telco and catv
With Provision of outlet at t&b lavatory (for shaving or blower)

Appliance Specifications
  • Rangehood: re-circulating type
  • Range: two(2) burner electric type
  • Refrigerator: 2.7 cum
  • Washing Machine: single tub
  • Water heater: instantaneous for shower area only


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