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Flair Towers DMCI Mandaluyong - Price and Payment Terms

Price Ranges

Unit Type         Gross Area                 Price Range 

Studio               24 sqm.           Php 1.96 Mn  to 2.49 Mn
1 BR A              41 sqm            Php 2.99 Mn to 3.28 Mn
1 BR B              29 sqm            Php 2.29 Mn  to 2.43 Mn
2 BR A              48-60 sqm      Php 3.06 Mn  to 3.89 Mn
2 BR B              60 sqm            Php 3.24 Mn  to 3.78 Mn
2 BR Deluxe    52 sqm            Php 3.47 Mn  to 4.29 Mn
3BR                   75.5 sqm         Php 5.14 Mn  to 5.72 Mn

Flair Towers DMCI Mandaluyong Unit Mix and Price Range

Flair Towers DMCI Mandaluyong Unit Mix and Price Range

Payment Terms

Reservation Fee:  Php 20,000
Minimum Downpayment:  20%

New payment scheme will apply:
  • 10% discount in cash payment
  • 4% discount on 30-70 payment term
  • 5% discount on 40-60 payment term
  • 6% discount on 50-50 payment term
  • No discount on 20-80 payment term
Balance may be settled through in-house or bank financing.
For Downpayment (DP) more than 50%, the applicable discount and factor rates shall be based on 50% DP.
2% PDC discount will be applied provided complete documents and PDCs are submitted within 30 days from reservation date.

Target RFO date = February 2014

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DMCI Flair Towers Soon to Rise in Mandaluyong

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