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Fairway Terraces DMCI Villamor Pasay - Unit and Building Features

Fairway Terraces is DMCI Homes' upcoming high-rise residential development in Villamor, Pasay City, guaranteeing a home that shows first class development features, world-class craftsmanship and high-quality finishes. It bears the DMCI Homes Quality Seal, which represents the developer's commitment to deliver homes that are built to last. The development will consist of one building in a 5,000 sqm prime lot, seventeen (17) storeys high with a Balinese-inspired architecture.

Fairway Terraces Building Facade
Fairway Terraces - DMCI's Leisure Project Overlooking Villamor Golf Course

Building Features

Like the other DMCI Homes' vertical communities, Fairway Terraces will feature Lumiventte Technology (Lumen refers to light, and ventus is wind), This DMCI Homes' innovation is the pioneering concept in high-rise living which allows natural light and air to flow freely around the building – eliminating the restrictive feeling of being surrounded by concrete, and allowing future residents to lead a sustainable lifestyle. This is achieved through architectural elements like single-loaded corridors wherein units open to a landscaped hallway instead of a wall or the door of another unit like in most condominiums. There are also three-storey high sky patios at the front and back of each building which feature pocket gardens. The central atriums located every five floors have breezeways that allow the high-rise building to ‘breathe.

Fairway Terraces Atrium
Fairway Terraces - Garden Atrium and Single Loaded Hallways

Fairway Terraces Sky PatioFairway Terraces - Sky Patio

Now a standard feature in DMCI Homes' high-rise buildings is the landscaped roofdeck or Sky Park located at the top floor of the tower which not only offers a relaxing setting to enjoy the view of the metropolis' skyline, but also helps improve ventilation. There’ is also the Sky Lounge, where residents can get a more picturesque view of the entire neighborhood.

Fairway Terraces Roofdeck
Landscaped Roof Deck
at Fairway Terraces, a DMCI Homes' High-Rise Tower

Sky Lounge
Sky Lounge

Keeping the prospective buyers in mind, DMCI Homes also put into place first-rate building features in the development to guarantee the well-being of residents. Residents are secured and safe as security guards are on duty 24/7. There is a gated entrance, electrified perimeter fence, provisions for CCTV cameras, back-up power supply, fire alarm and fire hose cabinets along corridors and fire exits.
  • High-Rise development (one tower with 17 residential levels)
  • Distinct Architectural Theme (Balinese)
  • Single-loaded corridors
  • Balconies in units
  • Garden Atrium
  • Sky Park
  • Electrified Perimeter fence around the whole development
  • Provision for individually metered utility and cable connections for each unit
  • Fire alarm system
  • Automatic fire sprinkler and suppression system
  • Fire exits at both wings
  • Fire hose cabinets along corridors
  • 100% back-up power
  • Individual mailboxes / Mail area
  • CCTV in common areas
  • Wi-Fi ready indoor amenity area

Building Floor Plans

Unit Features

Like other DMCI Homes' developments, Fairway Terraces will feature space configurations that will address various needs and budgets. The project will offer unit options (1BR, 2BR and 3BR) designed with flexible and efficient space and first-rate finishes. Unit sizes range from 28 to 65 sqms. The elegant, spacious and fully functional home units promise comfort to families, couples or professionals. The units also are built to last using the high quality standards honed by DMCI Homes’ 60 years experience in the property development business.

Unit Layouts

Fairway Terraces Soon to Rise in Villamor, Pasay City !!!

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