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Arista Place DMCI Sto Nino Paranaque - Unit and Building Features

DMCI Homes residential communities are created with distinct architectural design concepts that show first class development features. Built to contain only a limited number of housing units to accommodate residents, all DMCI Homes communities, which include Arista Place DMCI Sto Nino Paranaque, are exclusive. Arista Place project will have a tropical theme and will consist of eleven (11) six-storey mid-rise buildings. The buildings are named with superlative words with the same meaning or can be identified with the name Arista, which means "best".
  • Grande - means "large" or "great"
  • Optima - most favorable conditions or greatest degree or amount possible under given circumstances
  • Prima - Latin word meaning "first" or "chief"
  • Vincere - Italian word for "win"
  • Melhor - means "best"
  • Alta - Latin origin which means "high" or "elevated"
  • Magnus - means "great"
  • Alpha - First letter of the Greek Alphabet with a value "1"
  • Ultima - farthest point
  • Palmaris - excellent
  • Apex - summit
Arista Place DMCI Paranaque Building Perspective
Arista Place DMCI Sto Nino Paranaque Building Perspective

As in other medium-rise residential development projects of DMCI Homes, Arista Place DMCI Sto Nino Paranaque will feature DMCI Homes' signature single-loaded corridor layout where units open up to a landscaped garden atrium instead of a neighboring door. This layout ensures that the residents enjoy the luxury of space while the atriums create a refreshing oasis of greens inside the buildings themselves creating a nature-inspired ambiance and assuring the residents of a natural home setting both inside as well as outside the buildings.

Building Features

DMCI Bldg features atrium balcony corridor
DMCI Building Features
Typical Building Features of A DMCI Residential Condominium Development

  • Asian Tropical Themed Architecture
  • Medium Rise Development (11 Buildings - 6 storeys high)
  • Single Loaded Corridors
  • Open Landscaped Atrium and Breezeway
  • Balcony in all units
  • Scenic Elevator
  • Provision for individually metered utility and cable connections for each unit
  • Fire alarm and fire hose cabinets along corridors
  • Fire exit in both wings
  • Stand-by power generator
  • Individual mailboxes
  • Wi-Fi ready indoor amenity area

Floor Plans

Unit Features

Part of DMCI's engineering and design are efficient space planning features in all types of units. Taking into consideration the needs of the residents for ample space for their growing family, DMCI Homes makes sure that spaces are well planned and sustainable.

Arista Place DMCI Sto Nino Paranaque will have various unit type options for home buyers to choose from to fit one’s requirements and to cater to the growing needs of a family. A single, young professional can do well with a studio space, while bigger families with kids studying nearby are sure to be comfortable in the larger units. A total of 1,404 units will be available for sale.

Inventory / Summary Unit Types


Inventory Count % Share
Unit Parking Unit Parking
Previous Launches
This Launch (Grande & Apex) 214 94 16% 10%
Unlaunched 1085 832 84% 90%
Total 1299 926 100% 100%

To manage the demand for Parking Slots, buyers may only purchase one (1) PS per residential unit.

Unit Layouts

Arista Place DMCI Soon to Rise in Sto Nino Paranaque !!!



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