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THE REDWOODS DMCI Fairview Quezon City Price and Payment Terms

Price Ranges of The Redwoods Fairview in Quezon City by DMCI
Area            : Range from 55.50sqm to 72.sqm
Price Range : Range from 2.216M to 3.044M

Area             : Range from 81sqm to 91sqm
Price Range : Range from 3.756M to 4.030M

RESERVATION FEE - Php. 20,000.00

Payment Terms of The Redwoods Fairview in Quezon City by DMCI

CASH TERM - a total of 12%  Discounts

20% Downpayment payable up to turnoverdate. Interest Free
15% Downpayment up to turnoverdate and 5% spot cash upon turnover. Interest Free

80% Balance -In house financing or Bank Financing.

Special Promo Payment Term from September 01 - 30, 2011

  • 10% payable over construction Period + 12 months, 90% In-House Financing - Kaji and Sora
  • 5% spot, 5% in 11 months, 90% In-House Financing - Chi, Mizu and Kaze

Guidelines on the Payment Promo:

1. 90% In-house subject to applicable interest
2. No Regular Discount on the promo term, only the 2% PDC discount may be applied
3. Clearance for turnover may be processed upon reaching the RFO date AND clearing of 5% DP
  • Units may be turned over the DP period and shall be deemed accepted 30 days from the Notice of Acceptance.
  • If the client opts to move-in at 5%, notarized DOU shall be submitted upon closing of account.
  • Initial documentation shall be under In-House term.
  • Buyer may convert to Bank Financing term before end of DP period.