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Zinnia Towers DMCI Munoz Quezon CIty - Unit and Building Features

As DMCI Homes has a good track record in the construction industry, owners of Zinnia Towers (Zinnia Residences)'s units can expect efficient floor plans and high-quality structures with first-rate construction techniques in the development. DMCI Homes residential communities are created with distinct architectural design concepts that show first class development features.

DMCI Zinnia Towers Munoz Quezon City is a two high-rise tower development in almost two hectares of land area. Each building will have 35 storeys. Parking will have 8 levels (5 levels above ground and 3 basement levels). The project will have 1,652 units for sale.

Zinnia Residences DMCI Munoz QC Building Perspective
Zinnia Towers DMCI Munoz Quezon City Building Perspective

Building Features

DMCI Bldg features atrium balcony corridor
DMCI Building Features
Typical Building Features of A DMCI Residential Condominium Development

  • High-Rise Development (two 35-storey towers with 8 parking levels)
  • Contemporary Tropical Theme and Architecture
  • Lumiventt Technology
  • Single-Loaded Corridors (Double Row Configuration)
  • Balconies in Units
  • Landscaped Central Atriums
  • Podium Garden
  • Sky Patio
  • Hotel-like Lobby

Building Facilities
  • Convenience Store
  • Laundry Station
  • Water Filling Station
  • High-Speed Elevators
  • Provision for Individually Metered Utility and Cable Connections for each Unit
  • Fire Alarm and Fire Hose Cabinets along Corridors
  • Fire Exit in Both Wings
  • Stand-by Power Generator
  • Individual Mailboxes
  • Wi-Fi ready Indoor Amenity Area

Building Floor Plans

Unit Features

Part of DMCI's engineering and design are efficient space planning features in all types of units. Taking into consideration the needs of the residents for ample space for their growing family, DMCI Homes makes sure that spaces are well planned and sustainable.

Buyers of DMCI condominiums like Zinnia Towers Munoz Quezon City can choose from an enticing mix of unit options designed with flexible and efficient space, first-rate finishes and quality craftsmanship, at a price that suits their status. The project will offer Studio, 1-Bedroom, 2-Bedroom and 3-Bedroom units with unit area ranging from 25 to 70 sqms.

Unit Types

Unit Type Unit Area Gross Floor Area Total No. of Units
(sqm) (sqm)
Studio 25.00 25.00 112
1-Bedroom A 35.00 41.50 140
1-Bedroom B 31:00 37.00 140
1-Bedroom C 26.00 30.50 140
1-Bedroom D 36.00 44.00 140
2-Bedroom A (w/o balcony) 50.00 50.00 140
2-Bedroom A (w/ balcony) 50.00 59.00 420
2-Bedroom B 50.00 59.00 140
3-Bedroom (Inner) 69.00 81.00 140
3-Bedroom (end) 70.00 82.50 140

Unit Layouts

Zinnia Towers DMCI Soon to Rise in Munoz Quezon City !!!

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