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Royal Palm Residences News in Manila Bulletin 02-28-2011

DMCI puts signature on green lifestyle

Manila Bulletin
February 28, 2011, 11:47pm

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Garden Atrium

MANILA, Philippines – The concept of green architecture is currently defining today’s real estate development. This is the signature feature in the projects of DMCI Homes that has always been incorporated into the company’s residential projects and enjoyed by their residents. It was actually conceptualized in 2006 as part of the building design for a high-rise project called Tivoli Garden Residences in Mandaluyong. Only recently, however, did the company manage to give it a fitting name that explains the concept and what it represents: the Lumiventt Advantage.

A combination of the words “lumen,” which refers to light, and “ventus,” which means wind – Lumiventt is a proprietary design scheme that allows the natural flow of light and ventilation throughout a building structure. In condo living, this means that natural air and light can circulate freely around the entire building, from the corridors, common areas, and even all the way to the residential units, courtesy of the unique architectural configuration.

Building on its heritage for construction innovation, DMCI Homes came up with the design solution to create residential developments where young middle-income families can live in comfort and safety. The Lumiventt Advantage is a feature found in at least four of its projects: Tivoli Gardens, La Verti Residences in Pasay, Royal Palm Residences in Taguig, and Flair Towers in Mandaluyong.

Based on the basic principles of airflow, winds passing through and around the structure can create areas of positive and negative pressure, so DMCI Homes developed the concept of incorporating large openings into the building façade to serve as channels through which the air can move. The Sky Patios or three-story openings on the back and front of the building allow fresh air to flow in while displacing or sucking out stale or hot air.

Meanwhile, natural light is allowed to illuminate the indoors, through the Sky Patios and the Sky Garden, which includes landscaped atriums incorporated in every five floors of the building.

The atriums have indoor plants, water features, mood lighting, and pathways that add a refreshing feel.

Single-loaded corridors are another design feature which DMCI Homes has appropriated for its medium-rise condo projects, or projects with 15 stories or less. This is the mid-rise counterpart of the high-rise Lumiventt technology, because the single-loaded corridors and garden atriums allow natural light and ventilation to enter the building.

They eliminate the claustrophobic sensation brought about by “doors opening to doors” that one may experience when walking down the corridor of an ordinary condo development, where main doors are lined up along the corridor on both sides. This also increases privacy, convenience, and freedom of movement.

Aside from the Sky Garden, open spaces within the site development are also installed with landscaped areas, resort-style amenities, and themed architecture, that all contribute to the end goal of a holistic, self-contained and sustainable lifestyle – the essence of green living.

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