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DMCI CEDAR CREST Taguig - Site Development Plan

Modern, Asian-inspired aesthetics meets minimalist and functional design at  DMCI Cedar Crest Taguig.  A 4-hectare, medium density development, the masterplanned residential haven consists of 10 medium rise residential buildings with central amenities area, interconnected basement parking, unit spaces that are efficiently planned and surroundings that truly refresh and calm the spirit.

Cedar Crest DMCI Taguig Site Development Plan

DMCI Cedar Crest Taguig Site Development Plan

• 5 Storey Medium-Rise Residential Condominium
• 10 Mid-Rise Buildings with Lower Ground Parking
• 999 Residential Units (2BR and 3BR Unit Mix)
• 2BR - 799 Units
• 3BR - 200 Units
• 796 Parking Slots


Amaranth  Bldg:     May 2011

Chamomile Bldg:   July 2011

Lavender Bldg:       February 2012

Mallow Bldg:            May 2012