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DMCI CEDAR CREST Taguig - Unit and Building Features

Building Features

Cedar Crest DMCI Taguig Amaranth
DMCI Cedar Crest Taguig Amaranth Building

At DMCI Cedar Crest Taguig, the design style fosters the ideals of serene and private dwelling with interiors that are easy to the eyes, spaces that are efficiently planned, and surroundings that truly refresh and calm the spirit. The Neo-Asian Minimalist design features simplicity of layout; subtlety of light and shades; calming tones, and textures soft to the eyes; clean lines and uncluttered look.

Cedar Crest DMCI Taguig 00Building Features

DMCI Cedar Crest Taguig Building Features

• Neo-Asian minimalist-inspired facade
• Themed receiving area at the ground floor
• Single-loaded, inside corridor design
• Landscaped atrium at the upper ground floor
• Covered parking at the lower ground floor
• Service area at roof deck with provisions for individually metered water and electricity
• Balconies in all units
• Elevators in all buildings
• Fire exits at both wings
• Fire alarm and fire hose cabinets along corridors

Actual Photos of Buildings in DMCI Cedar Crest Taguig
(Amaranth, Chamomile, Fennel, Lavender, Mallow)

Unit Floor Plan

Planned with efficiency in mind, the residential units at Cedar Crest evoke the comfort families always deserve. There are unit selections to suit the varying needs of different families.

Cedar Crest DMCI Taguig Unit Layouts

DMCI Cedar Crest Taguig Unit Options

Unit Features:
• Provision for window-type AC at Master's Bedroom & Bedroom 2
• Provision for cable TV connection
• Provision for telephone line connection
• Provision for smoke detectors
• Provision for split-type air-con for inner units Inclusions:
• Individual electric meters
• Individual mail boxes with keys
• Bedroom partitions 

Unit Types:
• Typical 2-bedroom Unit: approx. 60.0 SQ.M. with balcony and service area
• Typical 2-bedroom Unit: approx. 64.5 SQ.M. with balcony and service area
• Typical 3-bedroom End-Unit: approx. 83.0 SQ.M. with balcony and service area

2BR Unit - approx. 60.0 sqm

2BR Unit - approx. 64.5 sqm

3BR End Unit - approx. 83.0 sqm