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Asian minimalism at its best

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Updated October 22, 2010 12:00 AM

MANILA, Philippines - The Neo-Asian design of The Redwoods, DMCI Homes’ newest residential community in Fairview, Quezon City, invokes the kind of living environment that one looks for in a future home – that of tranquility and serenity.

This atmosphere is apparent in the newly-opened showroom of The Redwoods – a space which strongly banners the developer’s Neo-Asian-inspired living community in this side of Metro Manila.

“The model unit and showroom was designed as to echo the overall architectural theme of The Redwoods. Its inspiration is derived from the Japanese “tea house” concept and blended with contemporary ambience. The modern feel of the areas is accessorized with traditional Japanese elements such as the Japanese Kimono used as art pieces and the use of cherry blossom patterns on accent pillows, and the wall mural located in the reception area of the sales office. Some of the furniture pieces are also inspired by the Asian-minimalism style as can be seen in the negotiation rooms, AV areas, bedrooms and dining areas. This establishment will serve as a glimpse of what The Redwoods is all about – the first Neo-Asian inspired residence in Fairview,” said Interior Designer, Cecile Narvaez.

The look pays homage to the world-famous Japanese design concept of minimalism, or the idea of stripping down design elements to its most fundamental features. Narvaez added that having this kind of interior design is effortless since the materials and items can be purchased locally.

Each of the 506 units available in all five, medium-rise buildings that will make up the community will showcase a simple yet elegant finish. The clean lines of the room layout and architecture will promote an airy feel to the owner’s private space – a way of welcoming personal Zen in one’s lifestyle.

Units available are two-bedrooms (gross unit area of 55.5-65.5 sqm.) and three-bedrooms (gross unit area of 82-84 sqm.), inclusive of balcony and service area. The buildings – Chi, Mizu, Kaze, Kaji and Sora – will have five floors each, and will be designed to showcase state-of the art Neo- Asian architecture at its best.

The contemporary Asian design extends to the outside surroundings of each building. Residents and their guests are welcomed by a stunning and impressive entrance gate which also invokes the community’s oriental feel.

The themed clubhouse offers a beautiful backdrop to the relaxed pace of The Redwoods community. There are also tea house gazebos that add an authentic Japanese feel to the whole ambience – nooks where residents can go to for some quiet time with a book, or an unhurried conversation with a love one. Walk around the community and find instant peace from well-landscaped gardens.

Despite the serene atmosphere, there is no lack of convenient amenities for its residents. The Redwoods set-up is complemented with modern amenities, combination that makes the Neo-Asian inspired environment more attractive for urban dwellers.

At the clubhouse are a range of fitness facilities for residents with an active lifestyle. And since it is from DMCI Homes, one is assured that they will be enjoying a home with resort-like amenities. A covered badminton court and a basketball court are both available for use. Also available are lap pools, a gym, a playground for the kids, and even tea houses that add charm to the whole property.

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